Havencrest in Barrhaven

Havencrest in Barrhaven

Havencrest is located in Barrhaven off Strandherd Drive at Falllowfield which is seconds away from Highway 416.   Havencrest is close to all the shopping, entertainment, dining and recreation that Barrhaven has to offer.

Havencrest offers many floorplans to choose from including Single Family homes and Bungalows.  We are sold out of townhomes & only have one  2-storey Semi-detached home left.

As always every home includes all the features that make a Tartan homes decidely different plus all include the most current  ENERGY STAR® features that also come with every Tartan Home.

Havencrest Siteplan Download

This page features real-time lot availability information. Move your mouse over an icon to view any available information on the lot. For lots that show a house icon indicating an Early Occupancy home, visit our Early Occupancy page for more information.

All Homes in Havencrest



34.5'/38' Lot
1,830 sq. ft.
Empress Community LogoEden Wylde, Empress Community LogoWateridge Village, Empress Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Empress Community LogoHavencrest, Empress Community LogoPoole Creek, Empress Community LogoRussell Trails
Elevation A


38' Lot
2,215 sq. ft.
Amherst Community LogoEden Wylde, Amherst Community LogoWateridge Village, Amherst Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Amherst Community LogoHavencrest, Amherst Community LogoPoole Creek, Amherst Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,406 sq. ft.
Madawaska Community LogoEden Wylde, Madawaska Community LogoWateridge Village, Madawaska Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Madawaska Community LogoHavencrest, Madawaska Community LogoPoole Creek, Madawaska Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,530 sq. ft.
Welland Community LogoEden Wylde, Welland Community LogoWateridge Village, Welland Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Welland Community LogoHavencrest, Welland Community LogoPoole Creek, Welland Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,617 sq. ft.
Ashton Community LogoEden Wylde, Ashton Community LogoWateridge Village, Ashton Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Ashton Community LogoHavencrest, Ashton Community LogoPoole Creek, Ashton Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,682 sq. ft.
Lakefield Community LogoEden Wylde, Lakefield Community LogoWateridge Village, Lakefield Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Lakefield Community LogoHavencrest, Lakefield Community LogoPoole Creek, Lakefield Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,733 sq. ft.
Bancroft Community LogoEden Wylde, Bancroft Community LogoWateridge Village, Bancroft Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Bancroft Community LogoHavencrest, Bancroft Community LogoPoole Creek, Bancroft Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,853 sq. ft.
Westport Community LogoEden Wylde, Westport Community LogoWateridge Village, Westport Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Westport Community LogoHavencrest, Westport Community LogoPoole Creek, Westport Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,875 sq. ft.
Gravenhurst Community LogoEden Wylde, Gravenhurst Community LogoWateridge Village, Gravenhurst Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Gravenhurst Community LogoHavencrest, Gravenhurst Community LogoPoole Creek, Gravenhurst Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,892 sq. ft.
Kawartha Community LogoEden Wylde, Kawartha Community LogoWateridge Village, Kawartha Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Kawartha Community LogoHavencrest, Kawartha Community LogoPoole Creek, Kawartha Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,739 sq. ft.
Orillia Community LogoEden Wylde, Orillia Community LogoWateridge Village, Orillia Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Orillia Community LogoHavencrest, Orillia Community LogoPoole Creek, Orillia Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
3,007 sq. ft.
Georgetown Community LogoEden Wylde, Georgetown Community LogoWateridge Village, Georgetown Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Georgetown Community LogoHavencrest, Georgetown Community LogoPoole Creek, Georgetown Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
3,108 sq. ft.
Mansfield Community LogoEden Wylde, Mansfield Community LogoWateridge Village, Mansfield Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Mansfield Community LogoHavencrest, Mansfield Community LogoPoole Creek, Mansfield Community LogoRussell Trails

Royal Edward

45' Lot
3,231 sq. ft.
Royal Edward Community LogoEden Wylde, Royal Edward Community LogoWateridge Village, Royal Edward Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Royal Edward Community LogoHavencrest, Royal Edward Community LogoPoole Creek, Royal Edward Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
3,610 sq. ft.
Cambridge Community LogoEden Wylde, Cambridge Community LogoWateridge Village, Cambridge Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Cambridge Community LogoHavencrest, Cambridge Community LogoPoole Creek, Cambridge Community LogoRussell Trails




38' Lot
1,381 sq. ft.
Chestnut Community LogoEden Wylde, Chestnut Community LogoWateridge Village, Chestnut Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Chestnut Community LogoHavencrest, Chestnut Community LogoPoole Creek, Chestnut Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,591 sq. ft.
Linden Community LogoEden Wylde, Linden Community LogoWateridge Village, Linden Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Linden Community LogoHavencrest, Linden Community LogoPoole Creek, Linden Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,803 sq. ft.
Maple Community LogoEden Wylde, Maple Community LogoWateridge Village, Maple Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Maple Community LogoHavencrest, Maple Community LogoPoole Creek, Maple Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,809 sq. ft.
Silverbell Community LogoEden Wylde, Silverbell Community LogoWateridge Village, Silverbell Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Silverbell Community LogoHavencrest, Silverbell Community LogoPoole Creek, Silverbell Community LogoRussell Trails

Havencrest location

Development Updates

 March 7, 2017

  • Curb and sidewalks crews will be back on site in the Spring to continue installation in areas where homes are built.
  • Landscaping and driveway paving is ongoing.
  • All of the lands are serviced and homebuilding is ongoing
  • Havencrest park is being built by the City of Ottawa.  Park construction has started with completion expected this Summer 2017.

March 1, 2017

  • Here is an update to the stores coming to Citigate on Strandherd where the new Costco is. More Information

February 2, 2017

January 23, 2017

  • According to the Trinity Group website there will be a Dentist, Nail Salon, and a Value Village opening in the summer along with the LCBO. More Information

July 15, 2016

  • Curb and sidewalks crews will be back onsite in the fall to continue installation in areas where homes are built.
  • Landscaping and driveway paving is ongoing.
  • All of the Tartan lands are services and homebuilding is ongoing
  • The havencrest_concept_en is being built by the City of Ottawa.  We were informed that the City intends to start construction in the fall of 2016

April 12, 2016

Our new model homes, the Red Oak & White Cedar (semi-detached models), Sapphire, Emerald, Granite & Topaz (townhome models) and the Madawaska (single family model) are all NOW OPEN!

December 22, 2015 – Coming Soon

We will have brand new models coming in January & February 2016.  We will have new Red Oak & White Cedar semi-detached models, 4 new townhome models plus a Madawaska single family model home to view.  The Madawaska, a newly design open plan home, opens January 23, 2016!

July 10 – Curbs, Landscaping and Paving

  • Curb and sidewalks crews will be back onsite in the Fall to continue installation in areas where homes are built.
  • Landscaping and driveway paving is ongoing.
  • The last development phase will consist of Barry Helman Crescent and Yellowstone Court which we expect to begin servicing over the summer with home construction beginning late Fall.

May 15 – Phase 2 Lot Release

We have just released many Phase 2 38′ and 45′ lots.  There are still several oversized premium lots to choose from.

November 18, 2014 – Curbs, Landscaping and Paving

Curb construction has just wrapped up for the year. Curb and sidewalks crews will be back onsite in the spring to continue construction in areas where homes are built.
Landscaping and driveway paving will start next year
The last development phase will consist of Barry Helman Crescent and Yellowstone Court which we expect to to service next summer.

August 18, 2014 – Model Homes at Havencrest

Our new sales office and model home (The Lakefield) are now open at Havencrest. The Kawartha, our other single family home will re-open along with our 4 brand new decorated townhomes, on Saturday, August 30th!

July 26, 2014 – New Models NOW OPEN!

Our Lakefield and Kawartha single family model homes are now open at our brand new sales location, Jockvale Road just off Strandherd.


Mon - Wed: 1pm - 8pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays: 12pm - 5pm
Poonam Pandit
2083 Helene Campbell Road
Barrhaven Ottawa
K2J 3N2