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Poole Creek in Stittsville/Kanata

Poole Creek Village will become home to 450 families.  Our neighbourhood will feature a future elementary school and a full sized community park including children’s play structures and tons of green space – a warm and inviting place to meet your neighbours, make new friends or to just simply sit and relax.

Our convenient Stittsville location is central to all the amenities available in both Kanata & Stittsville.  You can shop at an array of grocery stores and malls including the new Tanger Outlets, dine in one of the many family friendly restaurants or enjoy an intimate dinner in one of the ever-expanding selection of Bistros.

Green spaces such as Walter Baker Park and the Trans Canada Trail offer many 4 season sporting activities for the fitness enthusiast.  As well, just steps away from the community you can take in an Ottawa Senator’s hockey game or concert at the Canadian Tire Centre, or enjoy a local play at the Ron Maslin Playhouse.  All this and more for you to enjoy just by stepping a short distance out your front door.

Access to the 417 both EAST & WEST is only a few minutes away making commuting in either direction quickly accessible.  OC Transpo Bus also services the area if you prefer to ride instead of drive. There are 2 convenient Park n’ Ride locations nearby.

Poole Creek location

Poole Creek Siteplan

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This map features real-time lot availibility information. Click and icon to view information on the lot. For lots that show a house icon indicating an Early Occupancy home, visit our Early Occupancy page for more information.

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All Homes in Poole Creek



34.5'/38' Lot
1,830 sq. ft.
Empress Community LogoEden Wylde, Empress Community LogoWateridge Village, Empress Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Empress Community LogoPoole Creek, Empress Community LogoRussell Trails
Elevation A


38' Lot
2,215 sq. ft.
Amherst Community LogoEden Wylde, Amherst Community LogoWateridge Village, Amherst Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Amherst Community LogoPoole Creek, Amherst Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,406 sq. ft.
Parkhill Community LogoEden Wylde, Parkhill Community LogoWateridge Village, Parkhill Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Parkhill Community LogoPoole Creek, Parkhill Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,406 sq. ft.
Madawaska Community LogoEden Wylde, Madawaska Community LogoWateridge Village, Madawaska Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Madawaska Community LogoPoole Creek, Madawaska Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,530 sq. ft.
Welland Community LogoEden Wylde, Welland Community LogoWateridge Village, Welland Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Welland Community LogoPoole Creek, Welland Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,617 sq. ft.
Ashton Community LogoEden Wylde, Ashton Community LogoWateridge Village, Ashton Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Ashton Community LogoPoole Creek, Ashton Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,733 sq. ft.
Bancroft Community LogoEden Wylde, Bancroft Community LogoWateridge Village, Bancroft Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Bancroft Community LogoPoole Creek, Bancroft Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,853 sq. ft.
Westport Community LogoEden Wylde, Westport Community LogoWateridge Village, Westport Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Westport Community LogoPoole Creek, Westport Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,875 sq. ft.
Gravenhurst Community LogoEden Wylde, Gravenhurst Community LogoWateridge Village, Gravenhurst Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Gravenhurst Community LogoPoole Creek, Gravenhurst Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,892 sq. ft.
Kawartha Community LogoEden Wylde, Kawartha Community LogoWateridge Village, Kawartha Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Kawartha Community LogoPoole Creek, Kawartha Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,733 sq. ft.
Sutton Community LogoEden Wylde, Sutton Community LogoWateridge Village, Sutton Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Sutton Community LogoPoole Creek, Sutton Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,739 sq. ft.
Orillia Community LogoEden Wylde, Orillia Community LogoWateridge Village, Orillia Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Orillia Community LogoPoole Creek, Orillia Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
3,007 sq. ft.
Georgetown Community LogoEden Wylde, Georgetown Community LogoWateridge Village, Georgetown Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Georgetown Community LogoPoole Creek, Georgetown Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
3,108 sq. ft.
Mansfield Community LogoEden Wylde, Mansfield Community LogoWateridge Village, Mansfield Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Mansfield Community LogoPoole Creek, Mansfield Community LogoRussell Trails

Royal Edward

45' Lot
3,231 sq. ft.
Royal Edward Community LogoEden Wylde, Royal Edward Community LogoWateridge Village, Royal Edward Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Royal Edward Community LogoPoole Creek, Royal Edward Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
3,610 sq. ft.
Cambridge Community LogoEden Wylde, Cambridge Community LogoWateridge Village, Cambridge Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Cambridge Community LogoPoole Creek, Cambridge Community LogoRussell Trails




38' Lot
1,381 sq. ft.
Chestnut Community LogoEden Wylde, Chestnut Community LogoWateridge Village, Chestnut Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Chestnut Community LogoPoole Creek, Chestnut Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,591 sq. ft.
Linden Community LogoEden Wylde, Linden Community LogoWateridge Village, Linden Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Linden Community LogoPoole Creek, Linden Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,803 sq. ft.
Maple Community LogoEden Wylde, Maple Community LogoWateridge Village, Maple Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Maple Community LogoPoole Creek, Maple Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,809 sq. ft.
Silverbell Community LogoEden Wylde, Silverbell Community LogoWateridge Village, Silverbell Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Silverbell Community LogoPoole Creek, Silverbell Community LogoRussell Trails

Semi-Detached (2-storey)

Yellow Birch

1,802 sq. ft.
Yellow Birch Community LogoEden Wylde, Yellow Birch Community LogoWateridge Village, Yellow Birch Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Yellow Birch Community LogoPoole Creek, Yellow Birch Community LogoRussell Trails


2,194 sq. ft.
Magnolia Community LogoEden Wylde, Magnolia Community LogoWateridge Village, Magnolia Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Magnolia Community LogoPoole Creek, Magnolia Community LogoRussell Trails


2,373 sq. ft.
Hawthorn Community LogoEden Wylde, Hawthorn Community LogoWateridge Village, Hawthorn Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Hawthorn Community LogoPoole Creek, Hawthorn Community LogoRussell Trails

White Cedar

2,500 sq. ft.
White Cedar Community LogoEden Wylde, White Cedar Community LogoWateridge Village, White Cedar Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, White Cedar Community LogoPoole Creek, White Cedar Community LogoRussell Trails

Red Oak

2,607 sq. ft.
Red Oak Community LogoEden Wylde, Red Oak Community LogoWateridge Village, Red Oak Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Red Oak Community LogoPoole Creek, Red Oak Community LogoRussell Trails


2,008 sq. ft.
Aspen Community LogoEden Wylde, Aspen Community LogoWateridge Village, Aspen Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Aspen Community LogoPoole Creek, Aspen Community LogoRussell Trails

Development Updates

September 8, 2017

  • Landscaping, driveways and fencing is ongoing.
  • Next round of curbs and sidewalks will be installed in the Spring of 2018 in areas where houses are being constructed
  • Second phase of servicing is nearing completion with home construction expected this fall.

June 20, 2017

The Magnolia model home will re-open Saturday, June 24, 2017.

June 15, 2017

Join us June 24 from 1-4 pm for a BBQ in the park and fun for all ages at Albert Argue Black park on Mazon Street and Rosehill Avenue!  See you there!

BBQ in the Park

May 29, 2017

The Magnolia model home is temporarily closed for renovations.  It is scheduled to re-open in approximately two weeks.

April 20, 2017

The Bancroft model home is temporarily closed for renovations.  We are excited to showcase our new & improved Bancroft main floor design and will unveil the new Bancroft in mid-June.

March 7, 2017

  • Landscaping, driveways and fencing will be ongoing.
  • Next round of curbs and sidewalks will be installed in the Spring of 2017 in areas where houses are being constructed.
  • Second phase of servicing will be completed this Spring with home construction anticipated to start in the Summer.
  • Top lift of asphalt is possible on some streets fall 2017.

5 decorated model homes NOW OPEN!

Our newest model home, the Bancroft , is NOW OPEN.  There are now 5 decorated models for you to view in Poole Creek.

December 22, 2015 – Coming Soon

We will have a brand new model home coming in January 2016.  Come tour the newly designed Bancroft model home featuring a unique main floor design with tons of natural light in the kitchen and adjacent great room plus a 2nd level that features a wonderful amount of storage for ALL members of the family.  This new model home opens on January 30!

September 12, 2014 – Grand Opening!

Public Grand Opening Saturday September 20, 2014.

August 19, 2014 – Sales and Model Homes to this Fall!

The Tartan sales centre and model homes on Maple Grove Road will open this Fall!

June 19, 2014 – SALES & MODELS TO OPEN FALL 2014 OR IN EARLY 2015

The start of our new community is taking longer than we initially thought and we anticipate opening our sales offices between the late Fall or early 2015.

Contact Information

Mon - Thurs: 1pm - 8pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays: 12pm - 5pm
1860/1862 Maple Grove Road
K2S 0W3