Wateridge Village in Rockcliffe

Wateridge Village in Rockcliffe

Welcome to Wateridge Village by Tartan Homes, an all-new community of exclusive Semi-Detached Homes and Courtyard Townhomes built and finished to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship (Townhomes sold out).  Nestled at the edge of Rockcliffe near the Ottawa River, Wateridge is located on the ancestral lands of the Algonquin People – and Tartan is proud to have been chosen by the Algonquins of Ontario as one of the builders given the privilege of developing this premium property.

Canada Lands Corporation has posted more information on lots, parks, transit and much more.  CLICK HERE.

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All Homes in Wateridge Village

Semi-Detached (2-storey)

Wateridge Magnolia Temporary Sold Out

Wateridge Magnolia

2,188 sq. ft.
Wateridge Magnolia Community LogoEden Wylde, Wateridge Magnolia Community LogoWateridge Village, Wateridge Magnolia Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Wateridge Magnolia Community LogoHavencrest, Wateridge Magnolia Community LogoPoole Creek, Wateridge Magnolia Community LogoRussell Trails
Wateridge Hawthorn Temporary Sold Out

Wateridge Hawthorn

2,335 sq. ft.
Wateridge Hawthorn Community LogoEden Wylde, Wateridge Hawthorn Community LogoWateridge Village, Wateridge Hawthorn Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Wateridge Hawthorn Community LogoHavencrest, Wateridge Hawthorn Community LogoPoole Creek, Wateridge Hawthorn Community LogoRussell Trails

Wateridge Red Oak

2,590 sq. ft.
Wateridge Red Oak Community LogoEden Wylde, Wateridge Red Oak Community LogoWateridge Village, Wateridge Red Oak Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Wateridge Red Oak Community LogoHavencrest, Wateridge Red Oak Community LogoPoole Creek, Wateridge Red Oak Community LogoRussell Trails


Wateridge Topaz Temporary Sold Out

Wateridge Topaz

1,714 sq. ft.
Wateridge Topaz Community LogoEden Wylde, Wateridge Topaz Community LogoWateridge Village, Wateridge Topaz Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Wateridge Topaz Community LogoHavencrest, Wateridge Topaz Community LogoPoole Creek, Wateridge Topaz Community LogoRussell Trails
Wateridge Granite Temporary Sold Out

Wateridge Granite

1,973 sq. ft.
Wateridge Granite Community LogoEden Wylde, Wateridge Granite Community LogoWateridge Village, Wateridge Granite Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Wateridge Granite Community LogoHavencrest, Wateridge Granite Community LogoPoole Creek, Wateridge Granite Community LogoRussell Trails
Wateridge Opal Temporary Sold Out

Wateridge Opal

2,037 sq. ft.
Wateridge Opal Community LogoEden Wylde, Wateridge Opal Community LogoWateridge Village, Wateridge Opal Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Wateridge Opal Community LogoHavencrest, Wateridge Opal Community LogoPoole Creek, Wateridge Opal Community LogoRussell Trails
Wateridge Diamond Temporary Sold Out

Wateridge Diamond

2,171 sq. ft.
Wateridge Diamond Community LogoEden Wylde, Wateridge Diamond Community LogoWateridge Village, Wateridge Diamond Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Wateridge Diamond Community LogoHavencrest, Wateridge Diamond Community LogoPoole Creek, Wateridge Diamond Community LogoRussell Trails

Courtyard Townhomes

Mang 2

2,160 sq. ft.
Mang 2 Community LogoEden Wylde, Mang 2 Community LogoWateridge Village, Mang 2 Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Mang 2 Community LogoHavencrest, Mang 2 Community LogoPoole Creek, Mang 2 Community LogoRussell Trails

Mang 1

2,160 sq. ft.
Mang 1 Community LogoEden Wylde, Mang 1 Community LogoWateridge Village, Mang 1 Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Mang 1 Community LogoHavencrest, Mang 1 Community LogoPoole Creek, Mang 1 Community LogoRussell Trails


2,220 sq. ft.
Nika Community LogoEden Wylde, Nika Community LogoWateridge Village, Nika Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Nika Community LogoHavencrest, Nika Community LogoPoole Creek, Nika Community LogoRussell Trails


2,360 sq. ft.
Migiziw Community LogoEden Wylde, Migiziw Community LogoWateridge Village, Migiziw Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Migiziw Community LogoHavencrest, Migiziw Community LogoPoole Creek, Migiziw Community LogoRussell Trails

Wateridge Village location

Development Updates

May 2017

We are SOLD OUT of our street townhomes in Wateridge.  There are still some Courtyard Townhomes and Semi-Detached homes left.

August 2016

This Fall we will be offering semi-detached homes and a brand new line-up of townhomes in Wateridge.

December 2016

The sales office will open December 3, 2016.




Mon - Thurs: 12pm - 7pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays: 12pm - 5pm
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