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Tartan - Request Service

[email protected]

Business Hours:
8am to 4pm

Keep your intake & exhaust pipes (white PVC on side or rear of home) clear of snow & ice. If the pipes are covered by snow, ice or other debris,  it will shut down the furnace and hot water system. This is the responsibility of the homeowner. A service fee will be charged if a service request is placed as a result of failure to clear any debris from the pipes.

Owner’s Manual:
Homeowner Manual

Inspection Forms:
The Tarion Warranty Program provides excellent information on coverage. For more information click here.

Tarion also have some informative videos. Click here.

24-Hour Emergency Service:
During non-business hours, please direct calls to the following: Heating:  Check the sticker on the furnace for emergency phone number. Calls to contractors that are not deemed to be an emergency will result in the homeowner being billed directly by that contractor. For all other inquires, please call the number below:
Emergency Phone Number:

Service Request Form