February 12, 2019
Maintenance Winter Maintenance Tips

Remove excess snow and ice from the roof to stop ice damming and to prevent vents from being blocked.

Keep your intake & exhaust pipes (white PVC on side or rear of home) clear of snow & ice. If the pipes are covered by snow, ice or other debris, it will shut down the furnace and hot water system.

Your HRV should not be run in temperatures below -20 degrees Celsius as the intake pipes may freeze.

Clean air filters in HRV, furnace and hood fan

Keep curtains and blinds open whenever possible to help with condensation issues.

Make sure indoor air vents are clean and keep air supply vents in the basement open through the winter.

Continue to run furnace fan throughout the year to improve air circulation, read furnace manual to perform any other maintenance.

Leave bedroom doors open as much as possible to allow good air circulation throughout the house.

Wipe any condensation away from windows and doors.