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At Tartan, we’re committed to making the biggest purchase decision of your life your most satisfying. Our commitment to customer care means the process begins the first time we have any contact with you as a potential buyer – and continues right through until long after you move in to your new Tartan home.

Why Buy New?


New Is Better Built

When you purchase a new Tartan home, you’re getting a house built beyond today’s standards – and today’s standards are far higher than they were 10, 20 or 50 years ago.  A new Tartan home is built using the latest advances in construction, materials, and technologies. It is far more energy efficient and far less costly to own and maintain.


New Is Now

When you purchase a new Tartan home, you’re getting a home designed for today’s active family lifestyles – designed by experts in modern residential architecture and based on on-going input from those who bought Tartan homes before you.


New Is You

Your new Tartan home doesn’t come with the choices and memories made by previous owners – it’s all yours to shape and experience for the very first time.  With a new Tartan home, you get to choose the style, the features, the finishings and upgrades.  It’s about starting fresh and making the original choices that make your home a reflection of you, your sense of style and taste.


New Is Community

When you move in to your new Tartan home, you immediately become part of an all-new community…No trying to fit in to an existing neighbourhood. You and your new neighbours will build your own community – and the bonds that go with it.


New Is Protected

Your new Tartan home comes with built-in peace of mind:  one and two year limited Tarion warranties and a seven-year structural warranty.  And our Homeowners Manual provides a complete guide to maintaining your home!

More Information

For more information on why you should buy new, visit the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s website: http://www.chba.ca  or the Greater Ottawa Home Builder’s Association. http://www.gohba.ca/

Design Centre

Design Centre
Design Centre
Design Centre
Design Centre
Design Centre
Design Centre

You’ve finally settled on a Tartan home and community – now the truly fun part of new home buying begins: selecting the finishings for your home. And the place to start is at Tartan’s Design Centre located at 38 Colonnade Road. The Tartan Design Centre is all about offering you a wide selection of finishings to help make your new house a home. Interior colours, flooring, cabinets, hardware, plumbing and lighting fixtures, tiles – the choices are all yours. Will it be muted or bold colours? Dark or light hardwood? White or wooden cabinets? When you visit on the day of your appointments you will view different styles, materials and options to help you make the most of your choices and bring it all together to personalize your home.

Purchasers are contacted by a Design Centre representative for a formal appointment.  The appointments are from 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.

Tartan Homes Online Design Centre

We’ve recently introduced a unique Online Design Centre. This innovative tool is simple to use. It lets Tartan buyers view all of the thousands of options available across 20 different categories of finishings, appliances, décor and systems and much more!

Click here for more information!

Online Design Centre browser window screenshot.

Drop-in Hours:

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, you may only visit the Design Centre during scheduled appointments after you have purchased a home.  There is a two person limit, masks are mandatory and handling of samples is not permitted. In addition, during this time, Open House Hours are not permitted.

Please note that the Design Centre is full of finishing samples like tiles, hardwood, cabinets, faucets, and much more that could potentially harm a child.  Please do not bring children to your appointments at the centre.

Contact Information


38 Colonnade Road N, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7J6

Phone: (613) 238-2040 x100


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Customer Care

At Tartan homes, we’re committed to making your relationship with us rewarding and satisfying – from your first contact with us to long after you move in to your new Tartan home.

Before You Purchase


Our website is the perfect place to begin your relationship with Tartan. Here you’ll find information, images, videos, floor plans, and specifications on our complete lineup of homes, plus information about our communities, about us, and about our commitment to total customer care.

Sales Centres

Visit one of our communities, and our Sales Representative will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and to show you through our award-winning decorated model homes – or simply let you tour the models at your own pace. They will also explain the process of buying a new home and show you the kinds of upgrade features you can request before buying. When you’re ready, your Tartan Sales Representative will book your appointment to purchase.

After Purchase, Before Closing

Design Centre

Once you’ve made your initial purchase, you can choose upgraded features for your home. This process will be initiated by our Sales Representative, and will continue at our Design Centre. The Design Centre staff will contact you to outline to next steps and work with you to make your interior finish selections,. There are a wealth of options so that you can further personalize your home. Remember, the upgrade selection process has to conclude by pre-determined deadlines to keep things on track.


Once your home has been framed, but before the insulation and drywall has been installed, you will be invited to a hosted walk-through with our site supervisor. You can get a sense of how your home will look, and you will have a chance to satisfy yourself that your upgrade features are being installed properly.

After Closing

After Sales Service

Once you have moved in, your main contact with Tartan going forward is our After Sales Service representative. In almost all cases there are some after-closing repairs and modifications that will have to be made to your home. Our Service representative will work with you to assess the nature of the work required, and to book the appointments. If you require service, the most convenient way is to use the Customer Service Request form on this website.

AVID Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tartan engages a third party customer satisfaction measurement firm, AVID, to survey you and get a clear picture of how we are doing in terms of service and satisfaction. We ask all of our purchasers to provide their honest assessment through the surveys, which are completely anonymous.

Manufacturer Warranty Information

Your new home will be filled with brand new mechanical systems, appliances and products. Many of these items have manufacturer warranties. There are several ways that you can gather the warranty information for the various items. There are several systems that will have their warranty information and documentation directly attached, beside or inside the product. Appliances will usually have their information inside the unit. Other systems like your furnace, heat recovery ventilator (HRV), hot water tank, fireplace and air conditioner (if applicable) will have their documentation beside or underneath the unit. If you require more information about your home’s systems be sure to visit the appropriate manufacturer’s website or if you are looking for a manual, you will likely find it here: http://www.manualsonline.com/

Purchase Process

Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience. It can also be a little complex. But not to worry – at Tartan, we’re with you every step of the way.

Purchasing Your New Home

The Agreement of Purchase and Sale constitutes the legal understanding regarding the purchase of your new home. Please carefully read the Agreement and all attachments. As with any legal agreement, you should have it reviewed by your lawyer. Once you’ve signed, we provide you with credentials to access the Tartan Homeowner’s Manual, which helps guide you through and keep track of the entire purchase experience.

Arranging Your Mortgage

Once you have signed your Agreement of Purchase, the next step is to finalize the details of financing your home.

Design Centre/Interior Finish Selections

Our Design Centre, located at 38 Colonnade Road North, is a convenient, one-stop showroom that allows homebuyers to see, touch and feel the finishes available to them. To assist you in choosing the right features,our Design Centre is stocked with a wide array of options for paint colours, flooring, ceramics, cupboards, finishings and upgrades – and staffed by design staff who can help you make the selections that reflect your taste and style.  For your convenience, Tartan also offers a unique Design Centre online.

Hosted Site Visits

Just before the drywall is installed on your home, you will have the opportunity to attend a hosted site visit through your home with the site supervisor. It is at this time you can review the quality construction materials that go into your new home.

My-Move Information

Within 3 months of closing, you will be invited to view our My-Move video series, where we will take you through all the steps leading to closing. We will also explain both our own after-sales service procedures, and how best to communicate with Tarion Home Warranty.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Quality assurance is paramount at Tartan. The Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), which takes place approximately 2 weeks before your closing, is the key – and a requirement of the Tarion warranty program. First, we demonstrate the features of your new home and discuss maintenance. We also confirm that we have delivered your new home at the quality level described in our specifications and with all of your selections correctly installed. Finally, we document any last minute items that need to be completed.

Closing On Your New Home

On closing day, walk through your home before you start moving things in. Make sure all the PDI items have been completed, and that there is no new damage that may have occurred between the PDI and your moving day. Deficiencies should be noted on your 30-day report (see below).

30-Day Inspection

During the first 30 days of occupancy make a list of any items that are missing, damaged or not working correctly. Use the Tarion 30-day inspection report, found in your HIP, or on the Tarion website. Submit this form to both Tarion and our Service office before the 30-day period is up. If the work items are straight-forward, our service department will work with you to schedule the work. If an inspection is required, a service representative will be happy to tour your home with you.

AVID Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tartan engages a third party customer satisfaction measurement firm, AVID, to survey you and get a clear picture of how we are doing in terms of service and satisfaction. We ask all of our purchasers to provide their honest assessment through the surveys, which are completely anonymous.


Before You Buy

  • Can I make changes to my floor plan & elevation?

    Possibly. It depends on the type of dwelling you are buying. We can make some alterations to the detached, Single-Family Home plans, but we do not offer a full custom design service. We are not able to do so on the attached dwellings such as Townhomes and Semi-Detached Homes.

  • Can I make custom changes to my single family detached home?

    While we do offer purchasers of detached homes the opportunity to request some custom upgrades we do also limit the scope and number of these upgrades. To understand more about custom upgrades, watch this video.

  • How much do I have to deposit?

    Varies depending on unit type. Deposit timing may vary by community.

    • Townhomes $60,000 (in 3 installments – $20,000 at time of contract, $20,000 at 30 days after contract, $20,000 at 60 days after contract)
    • Single-Family Homes & Bungalows:
      • 35 foot lots in EW or FC – $80,000 (in 3 installments – $30,000 at time of contract, $30,000 at 30 days after contract, $20,000 at 60 days after contract)
      • 38 foot lots in EW or FC – $90,000 (in 3 installments – $30,000 at time of contract, $30,000 at 30 days after contract, $30,000 at 60 days after contract)
      • 45 foot lots in EW or FC – $100,000 (in 3 installments – $35,000 at time of contract, $35,000 at 30 days after contract, $30,000 at 60 days after contract)
      • Lots in Russell – $80,000 (in 3 installments – $30,000 at time of contract, $30,000 at 30 days after contract, $20,000 at 60 days after contract)
  • Once I buy, how long does it take to build my Tartan home?

    It varies depending on a number of factors

    1. Upon receipt of building permit, there is a 30-34 week building cycle for Single-Family Homes, Semi-Detached Homes and Townhomes.
    2. However, homes are sometimes sold where the lot and road are not yet built. Also, occasionally homes are sold that have been previously built. Therefore, closing dates can range anywhere from 6 weeks to 16 months from time of sale. COVID has caused unavoidable delays due to material shortages.
  • What if the closing date gets delayed?

    The Tarion warranty program outlines the terms and conditions by which a closing date delay may occur. Visit the Tarion website for more information.

  • What’s involved in reserving a lot? How long can I reserve a lot for? What happens if I don’t buy?

    Reserving a lot is typically the initial process in buying a new home from Tartan. When you are ready to buy, we typically request that a reservation form be signed virtually or at the sales office. The reservation form will identify the date on which the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is to be signed by you. It also identifies the lot number and dwelling type for your future home. A reservation deposit is no longer required –  see the deposit structure question in this FAQ section. 

  • What is the overall buying process?

    In the overall process there is a lot of work for both of us to do. Upon signing the APS, Tartan provides a comprehensive Homeowner Information section which guides our customers through the buying process is found on our Design Centre Online website. Credentials are given approximately one month before your first appointment. In summary:

    • sign reservation form
    • sign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
    • work with the Design Centre to complete upgrades & interior finish selections
    • attend the Hosted Site Visit of your home under construction with a Tartan staff member.
    • watch Tartan’s “My-Move” video series approx 30 days prior to closing
    • Close (take possession) of your new home.
  • What is Tarion?

    The Tarion program is the regulator of the new home building industry in Ontario. Operating for more than 30 years, Tarion provides a variety of services and establishes warranty and building standards in the industry. Visit the Tarion website.

  • Are Tartan and Tamarack the same company?

    In 2021, Tartan Homes became a member of the Taggart Group of Companies, joining Taggart Construction Limited, Doran Contractors Limited, Taggart Realty Management, and Tamarack Homes under the Taggart Group banner.

    The Taggart Group and Tartan have a long-standing history and partnership, and together have built some of Ottawa’s most well-known subdivisions. As distinct and reputable home builders in Ottawa, the companies hold similar values and principles. The synergies between the two companies will drive value for employees, homeowners, and communities alike.

    The acquisition of Tartan Homes includes their land, design centre, and current project sites, as well as welcoming Tartan’s employees to the Taggart team. Tartan will continue to operate as a separate entity under the umbrella of the Taggart Group of Companies. Through this acquisition, both Tamarack and Tartan will be able to accelerate their strategic growth plans, while continuing to deliver some of the highest quality homes in the National Capital Region.

    There will be no change to any of the operations at Tartan Homes. 

  • What is the referral program?

    A program under which Tartan pays you $$ for referring a friend who buys a home from us. You must be an existing buyer. Details available at our Sales Offices.

  • I want to buy a Tartan Home that I can rent out and use as investment. Does this effect my HST payment?

    Tartan is not able to offer advice on HST and rental issues. Here are two links for you to review.

  • I want to upgrade to a larger Hood Fan. Why do I need to install a Make-up Air Unit?

    Please read our Hood Fan blog post for detailed information regarding hood fans. Click here

After You Have Bought (but not closed)

  • When do I go to the Design Centre?

    This depends on your closing date.  Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, you may only visit the Design Centre during scheduled appointments.  There is a two person limit, wearling masks are not mandatory but encouraged. 

    The Design Centre will issue credentials to our Design Centre online and then you will be contacted by the Design Centre to coordinate your next appointment times. Typically your first Design Centre appointment will be several months prior to your closing date.

  • When are you going to start building my house?

    Once Tartan receives the building permit for your home building will commence.  You will be notified via e-mail when this happens.

  • Can I see my home during construction?

    Yes. Tartan provides a guided tour of the home during the construction process. A Service department rep will contact you to establish this. For reasons of your safety and management of liability we are not able to allow buyers to walk through the unit unattended.

  • What can I expect during construction?

    Buying a new home is a unique experience in that it is one of the few things that we, as consumers, can watch get built in front of our eyes. For example, we never watch an automobile or appliance get constructed. You can expect many things during the construction process. At times it will appear that construction progress is fast, and yet at other times it may appear to be slow. There will be times when the house and lot are neat and tidy and other times when it is messy. All of this is normal in the new home construction process.

  • What are the standard features?

    These are the features that are included in your home, such as oak railing, hardwood floors, trim, interior doors etc. The standard features to be included in your home are clearly identified in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale as well as marketing material available in the sales office.  Each of our communities has a ‘standard’ model home that you can view so that you can see all the standard features and finishings that come with your Tartan Home.

  • Why do you have such strict deadlines. What are cutoff dates for upgrade selections?

    We schedule the construction timing of your home well in advance of starting construction. Furthermore, lead time is needed to order the material to be constructed in your home. Cut off dates are required to ensure we do not miss including an upgrade feature in your home.

  • What will my address be? Where are the schools? When is garbage pick up?

    Addresses are assigned by the City of Ottawa and are given to Tartan. Unfortunately they are not always available at time of sale. However, in all instances our Sales Representative will confirm your address once we have picked up the building permit and have started construction on your home. For schools, post office, garbage pickup and other municipal services we suggest you contact the government authority (e.g. school board) responsible for this service.

  • Why can’t I supply you with my own products?

    We are a sole source company – that is we sign contracts with suppliers and trades people who construct your home. These contracts include both SUPPLY and install. Furthermore, complications can arise when buyers install their own items in a home in terms of warranty and liability.

After You Move In

  • When will my lawn be sodded?

    In general, curb installation, the laying of sod, and driveway installations are seasonal work, and this work occurs between June and November. The installation occurs in the same order; curb, sod, then driveway. Because this work is done by three independent sub-trades, there can sometimes be a gap in time between each installation. With respect to sod, the landscaper will arrive at a new phase when the ground has dried out in late spring. They will start at the drier lots, and move through the phase laying sod at all houses that are occupied, and at those houses where the exterior work is complete. Tartan is not able to pre-determine the order by which the sod is laid.
    The landscaper will typically come back in the fall and go through the phase again, laying sod where the homes were completed in the summer. Driveway installation occurs after sod installation. As all seasonal work is dependent on good weather and dry ground, we are unable to create reliable schedules but continue to make every effort to enhance your community in a timely manner.

  • My basement floor and/or porch are cracked, is this normal?

    Minor surface cracking in concrete foundation, basement floor and porches is a common occurrence in new homes and has no detrimental effect on the performance of the foundation. Cracks may appear initially at the concrete curing stage where moisture evaporates from the material and the loss of volume results in material shrinkage cracks. Minor surface cracking may also result from stresses caused by extreme seasonal temperature variances where the material encounters stages of expansion and contraction. For cracks that are wider than 2cm, Tartan will fill them at your year-end inspection, though we cannot guarantee that the final finishes will be of a uniform colour or texture.

  • When can I install fencing?

    You can put up your fence after you have been living in your home for 1 year. The reason for the delay is that the City must do a final inspection of the overall grading, to make sure it will function properly during major storm events. It is not uncommon that the rear grades have to be changed as a result of the final inspection. Once the City is satisfied that the grades are fine, then fences can be installed.

  • My baseboards and trim are separating from the wall. Is this normal?

    A new home is built with new materials, and is subject to drying and settlement in its first year. The result can be, among other things, that baseboard and door trim can separate from the walls or ceilings, which looks like a thin crack. This is normal, and indeed is to expected in all new homes. At the 30-day inspection and again at the year-end inspection, Tartan will do a caulk and patch of trim that has separated, as well as drywall cracks and nail pops in all places.

  • My door is hard to close.

    During the first year of occupancy the house will dry and settle. Occasionally a door will become hard to open as the frame settles. This is covered by the Tarion one-year warranty, and will be repaired by us at the 30-day or year-end inspection.

  • Why are the plugs hard to plug into?

    The standard plugs that are installed have a safety feature, whereby a piece of metal slides behind the holes when there in nothing plugged in. This stops children from being able to insert thin objects into the plug. It does make it a little harder to plug things in. You have to insert the plug with a little bit more determination, and you may have to wiggle it. 

  • I have to flush my toilets more than once?

    If you are moving from an older home, you may not be used to the lower volume toilets that are now being installed in all new homes. Some toilet upgrades that are available through our Design Centre even have dual-lever action: flush and hold for a few seconds for heavy use, flush and release for lighter use.

  • I can see seams in my drywall when the sun comes through my big windows. Is this normal?

    Yes, you will see drywall seams when particularly intense light shines upon the walls and ceilings. You are also likely to see them where the screw patches are. This is the nature of modern drywall materials and installation. The Tarion guideline standard is that the walls have a normal uniform finish in normal lighting, standing six feet away. More information can be found in section 9 of the Tarion Construction Performance Guidelines.

Building Your Home

Wondering how it all comes together? Here’s a quick overview of the steps involved in constructing your new home. All Tartan purchasers can track the progress on their home’s construction by visiting the Customer Portal on this website. Tartan is committed to and has a long track record of running safe worksites, and therefore requests buyers not visit their home while under construction, except during the Pre-Delivery Inspection and Hosted Site Visit.

Construction Begins

We break ground, the soil is tested by an engineer for ground integrity, then we set the footings. Next, the foundation is poured, waterproofing and drainage systems are installed, followed by another inspection by the City prior to backfilling.

Your Home Starts To Take Shape

Once the foundation is backfilled your house is framed then the roof trusses and shingles are installed. Stairs, windows and exterior doors are installed next, followed by plumbing and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Electrical system installation follows, with inspections by the Electrical Safety Authority and the City of Ottawa. The next step is interior insulation and vapour barrier. Your home is then sealed with house-wrap, as siding and brick or stone are added to your home preventing water penetration.

Finishing It Off

Stepping inside, drywall is installed, primed and painted, along with the trim. Railings are installed and stained, and ceramics are installed per your selections. Next, your kitchen cabinets are installed, plumbing and electrical work is completed (switches, plugs, sinks, faucets), and hardwood and carpet are installed. After a final cleaning – including air ducts – and an independent third party performs another blower-door test to certify the Energy Star standards for air-tightness of your home are met.


Completing your home so it’s ready for your closing date is a priority at Tartan. We include some contingencies in our construction schedule to account for unforeseen events that could cause delays, such as obtaining city permits and inspection approvals, availability of trades people, and weather conditions. If we have to adjust your closing date, we will provide advance notice in-keeping with Tarion guidelines.


Curbs, sidewalks, driveways, lawns and landscaping are completed. The timing depends on the season and weather. In fact, after we build your home we’ll also be continuing work on the development of your community, including roads, sidewalks, curbs, services, parks and lighting. Your tolerance of the noise and associated dust and debris is most appreciated.