May 31, 2022

Winter can take a toll on your home.
Here are 17 helpful tips to get things is shape for summer!

  1. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are working efficiently (replace batteries if required)
  2. Adjust thermostat for summer mode
  3. Clean filters in HRV, hood fan and furnace – this should be done monthly
  4. Clean any debris that has collected in your window wells
  5. Clean windows and re-install screens
  6. Clean out eavestroughing and make sure no leaks so water drains away from the house (at least 3’)
  7. Lubricate garage door tracks, tighten any bolts that have loosened & replace any damaged weather stripping
  8. Schedule annual maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner by a qualified contractor
  9. Remove winter cover from your air conditioner and clean the coils
  10. Remove the glass from fireplace & clean as required
  11. Set fireplace to summer mode and shut off pilot light if you have one
  12. Check external surfaces (roof, etc.) to make sure nothing was damaged during winter and repair as required
  13. Clear any debris from swales; make sure there is no remaining snow or ice blocking them from draining water effectively
  14. Make sure your gas meter is not blocked by debris or snow
  15. Close bleeder nut and open valve to outside hose connection and check for any leaks once risk of freezing is over
  16. Start spring landscape maintenance, fertilize trees and plants, and apply lawn seed
  17. Check exterior steps and ground settling at foundation, re-adjust steps if moved around during winter, and build up landscaping if necessary to ensure proper rainwater flow away from foundation walls


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