Findlay Creek Village in Ottawa South

Findlay Creek Village in Ottawa South

Findlay Creek Village is Ottawa’s family-friendly community located just off Bank Street south of Leitrim Road. Close to everything but away from it all, Findlay Creek Village features Tartan’s single-family homes, bungalows and townhomes.

Already home to hundreds of families, with plenty of room for hundreds more, Findlay Creek Village features wide uncluttered streetscapes, large lots, parks and two new future elementary schools (the public school opens Fall 2017), all surrounded by nature yet just a 5-minute drive south of Hunt Club on Bank Street south. For more information about the community of Findlay Creek, contact the Findlay Creek Community Association here.  Please visit our sales centre to view our models and for current pricing.

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All Homes in Findlay Creek Village



34.5'/38' Lot
1,830 sq. ft.
Empress Community LogoWateridge Village, Empress Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Empress Community LogoHavencrest, Empress Community LogoPoole Creek, Empress Community LogoRussell Trails
Elevation A


38' Lot
2,215 sq. ft.
Amherst Community LogoWateridge Village, Amherst Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Amherst Community LogoHavencrest, Amherst Community LogoPoole Creek, Amherst Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,406 sq. ft.
Madawaska Community LogoWateridge Village, Madawaska Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Madawaska Community LogoHavencrest, Madawaska Community LogoPoole Creek, Madawaska Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,530 sq. ft.
Welland Community LogoWateridge Village, Welland Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Welland Community LogoHavencrest, Welland Community LogoPoole Creek, Welland Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,617 sq. ft.
Ashton Community LogoWateridge Village, Ashton Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Ashton Community LogoHavencrest, Ashton Community LogoPoole Creek, Ashton Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,733 sq. ft.
Bancroft Community LogoWateridge Village, Bancroft Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Bancroft Community LogoHavencrest, Bancroft Community LogoPoole Creek, Bancroft Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,853 sq. ft.
Westport Community LogoWateridge Village, Westport Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Westport Community LogoHavencrest, Westport Community LogoPoole Creek, Westport Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
2,875 sq. ft.
Gravenhurst Community LogoWateridge Village, Gravenhurst Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Gravenhurst Community LogoHavencrest, Gravenhurst Community LogoPoole Creek, Gravenhurst Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,892 sq. ft.
Kawartha Community LogoWateridge Village, Kawartha Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Kawartha Community LogoHavencrest, Kawartha Community LogoPoole Creek, Kawartha Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
2,739 sq. ft.
Orillia Community LogoWateridge Village, Orillia Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Orillia Community LogoHavencrest, Orillia Community LogoPoole Creek, Orillia Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
3,007 sq. ft.
Georgetown Community LogoWateridge Village, Georgetown Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Georgetown Community LogoHavencrest, Georgetown Community LogoPoole Creek, Georgetown Community LogoRussell Trails


38' Lot
3,108 sq. ft.
Mansfield Community LogoWateridge Village, Mansfield Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Mansfield Community LogoHavencrest, Mansfield Community LogoPoole Creek, Mansfield Community LogoRussell Trails

Royal Edward

45' Lot
3,231 sq. ft.
Royal Edward Community LogoWateridge Village, Royal Edward Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Royal Edward Community LogoHavencrest, Royal Edward Community LogoPoole Creek, Royal Edward Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
3,610 sq. ft.
Cambridge Community LogoWateridge Village, Cambridge Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Cambridge Community LogoHavencrest, Cambridge Community LogoPoole Creek, Cambridge Community LogoRussell Trails




38' Lot
1,381 sq. ft.
Chestnut Community LogoWateridge Village, Chestnut Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Chestnut Community LogoHavencrest, Chestnut Community LogoPoole Creek, Chestnut Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,591 sq. ft.
Linden Community LogoWateridge Village, Linden Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Linden Community LogoHavencrest, Linden Community LogoPoole Creek, Linden Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,803 sq. ft.
Maple Community LogoWateridge Village, Maple Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Maple Community LogoHavencrest, Maple Community LogoPoole Creek, Maple Community LogoRussell Trails


45' Lot
1,809 sq. ft.
Silverbell Community LogoWateridge Village, Silverbell Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Silverbell Community LogoHavencrest, Silverbell Community LogoPoole Creek, Silverbell Community LogoRussell Trails



1,714 sq. ft.
Topaz Community LogoWateridge Village, Topaz Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Topaz Community LogoHavencrest, Topaz Community LogoPoole Creek, Topaz Community LogoRussell Trails


1,920 sq. ft.
Granite Community LogoWateridge Village, Granite Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Granite Community LogoHavencrest, Granite Community LogoPoole Creek, Granite Community LogoRussell Trails


1,988 sq. ft.
Emerald Community LogoWateridge Village, Emerald Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Emerald Community LogoHavencrest, Emerald Community LogoPoole Creek, Emerald Community LogoRussell Trails


2,037 sq. ft.
Opal Community LogoWateridge Village, Opal Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Opal Community LogoHavencrest, Opal Community LogoPoole Creek, Opal Community LogoRussell Trails


2,171 sq. ft.
Diamond Community LogoWateridge Village, Diamond Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Diamond Community LogoHavencrest, Diamond Community LogoPoole Creek, Diamond Community LogoRussell Trails


2,194 sq. ft.
Ruby Community LogoWateridge Village, Ruby Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Ruby Community LogoHavencrest, Ruby Community LogoPoole Creek, Ruby Community LogoRussell Trails


2,194 sq. ft.
Sapphire Community LogoWateridge Village, Sapphire Community LogoFindlay Creek Village, Sapphire Community LogoHavencrest, Sapphire Community LogoPoole Creek, Sapphire Community LogoRussell Trails

Findlay Creek Village location

Development Updates

January 20, 2017

The brand new public elementary school in Findlay Creek, located at the corner of Findlay Creek Drive and Kelly Farm Drive, is opening this Fall.  Parents can register their children starting Monday, January 23.  The school will accommodate kindergarten to Grade 8 .

Click here for more information.

 october 4, 2016

The park located on Kelly Farm Drive between Sora Way and Kestrel Street will be named Anisha Park. Construction will commence Spring 2017 with the park in use by Labour Day.  Here is the proposed layout.


Download it here.

July 15, 2016

Phase 17

  • Curbs and sidewalk will continue to be installed in the fall of 2016 in areas where houses are being constructed
  • Top lift of asphalt may be completed on some streets in the fall of 2016.  This will depend on lot build out.

Phase 18

  • Landscaping, fencing and driveway paving is ongoing.
  • Curb and sidewalks crews will be back onsite in the fall to continue installation in areas where homes are built.

Phase 19

  • Model home row is up and running
  • Landscaping and fencing is ongoing

Phase 20

  • Servicing of the first subphase is complete and home construction has begun
  • Servicing of the second subphase is ongoing and is expected to be completed over the summer
  • Park construction is expected in 2017

December 22, 2015 – New Models nOW OPEN!

We have 7 brand new models now open in Findlay Creek.  You can tour the spectacular Cambridge, Ashton & Amherst singles family home models plus 4 new townhome models homes.

October 19, 2015

South Nation Conservation (SNC), in partnership with Tartan and Tamarack Homes planted trees along Findlay Creek this past weekend, just off Cedar Creek Drive, in order to enhance the ecological function of the existing buffer and to promote the naturalization of the Findlay Creek riparian habitat. Thanks to everyone who was involved with this initiative!


July 10, 2015

Phase 15 and 16

  • Top lift of asphalt on all streets in this phase will be completed by early fall
  • Park on Creekview is now open.

Phase 17

  • Curbs and sidewalk will continue to be installed this Fall in areas where houses are being constructed
  • Fencing will be installed this fall in areas where lots have been graded

Phase 18

  • Landscaping and fencing will be done in the Fall on lots that are constructed.
  • Curb and sidewalks crews will be back onsite in the fall to continue installation in areas where homes are built.

South of the Creek

  • Our first phase of development is currently underway
  • Part of the first phase will include the new Tartan and Tamarack model homes and sales centre as well as the Tartan Homes design centre.  The model homes and Design Centre are expected to be open this Fall.
  • Servicing of the next phase of development will occur over the winter of 2015/2016.

April 20, 2015 – Tree Giveaway

South Nation Conservation will be giving away trees to Findlay Creek residents this weekend. There is limited stock and trees will be given away on a first come, first serve basis. Representatives will be on hand at the Leitrim Boardwalk on Saturday, April 26, 2015 at 10:00 am.

November 18, 2014 – Curbs & Landscaping

Phase 15 and 16

Remaining curb and top lift of asphalt on all streets will be completed in 2015
Park on creekview is expected to be open for summer of 2015
Fencing will be completed in 2014

Phase 17

Curbs will be installed in 2015 in areas where houses are being constructed
Fencing will be installed in 2015 in areas where lots have been graded
Tamarack model homes are up and running

Phase 18

Home construction has started
Curbs, landscaping, fencing will be done in 2015 when home construction is well underway.

Phase 19

Our first phase of development is currently being serviced

Part of the first phases will include the new Tartan model homes, Sales Centre, Design Centre and Service Centre.

May 20, 2014 – Road Construction Update

Phase 16:

Curbs and sidewalks are currently being installed where houses are being constructed
Wood screen fence will be installed this Spring in areas where houses are being constructed. Remaining areas will be completed in the fall.

Phase 17:

Home construction has just begun, Tamarack models are being built.
Curbs, landscaping, fencing will be done in the fall once home construction is well underway.

Phase 18:

Site is currently being serviced with home construction to being this summer


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