August 8, 2016


Tartan has always taken environmentally responsible building seriously.  The 2016 building code as well as the Energy Star requirements demand very efficient hot water systems (HWS).  The systems that go into Tartan homes meet these demands, as we only install hot water systems that permit the homes to receive Energy Star certification.  Let’s take a closer look at the differentiating factors of the tankless HWS Tartan offers and how they translate into benefits for a home owner:

To start, tank-style HWS receive cold water in a storage tank where it is then heated by natural gas or oil.  Tankless HWS do not heat hot water in storage tanks but rather use gas or electricity to heat water as it flows through the unit eliminating the need to store large amounts of hot water in a tank-style unit this eliminates the need for more floor space to accommodate a storage tank.  The tankless unit is similar to a wall hung electrical panal.

Tankless HWS are far more efficient and cost-effective than tank-style HWS (tanks have an energy efficiency rating of 67% while tankless units come in at around 97%).  Why pay for water to be heated all the time in a tank-style unit?

It is also important for one to note that the Ontario Building Code requires that a tank-style water heater heats hot water to 140 degrees in order to kill any bacteria that may be resting in the water stored in the tank.  However, by code that water must then be cooled back down to 120 degrees to be used at the taps in order not to induce severe burns to the user.  In comparison tankless water heaters do not store any hot water inside of them so they only heat the water to 120 degrees.  You do not have to pay to overheat your water and then cool it back down again.

In many ways the Tankless HWS just makes more sense providing cost effectiveness while efficiently heating water in your home.