Energy Efficiency

All Tartan homes are built to the newest ENERGY STAR® standards for energy efficiency. That includes the highest insulation values you’ll find anywhere across our frigid land—starting with R10 insulation under the basement floor. We insulate basement walls to R24 from floor to ceiling, exterior walls to R25, and attics to R70. That not only bundles you and your family in warmth during winter, it also does a fantastic job of keeping the heat out on the hottest days of summer.

At Tartan, we have an unrivaled pedigree in energy efficiency. We built Canada’s first ENERGY STAR® qualified new community—Ottawa’s Jackson Trails. And we were recognized as Canada’s
ENERGY STAR® Home Builder of the Year in 2013 and are a finalist in the 2016 awards happening in February.  Of course, it’s not simply about keeping you warm and cool—it’s also about reducing your family’s energy bills and environmental footprint.

Every Tartan home is at registered ENERGY STAR® home. Besides saving 20% or more on your energy bills, new purchasers might also be eligible for a CMHC mortgage insurance rebate of 15%.
If your deposit is less than 20% of the final purchase price, you will be required to purchase CMHC mortgage insurance. With an energy star home, you can apply for a rebate of 15% of your insurance premium.
Please review the links below for more information, as well as a link to apply for the rebate itself.